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Janaki Finance Company Limited was established on 2052 B.S. It has been giving excellent services to its valuable customers for 26 years. Since the day of inception till date the motto of the finance has remained towards the better and easy service to the customer. The company has started its service with the paid up capital amount Rs. 6 Million. Now the company has been able to raise the paid up capital amounted to Rs. 690.47 Million. The Profit, Net worth, collection of deposits and investments are in growing trend. It has been able to keep enough liquidity ratios. It is also succeed in providing the regular dividends to the shareholder. Share Capital of Finance company comprises 51% from Promoters and 49% from Public. Janaki Finance Company has been awarded by highly income tax paid  for FY 2078.79 in BFI's  sector at Madhesh Province.